online ad 3

it is some direct mail from englishtown, i think direct mail is work but cannot too much…….many direct mail will make ppl hate them.

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online ad 2

this is some blog have some movies’ poster on it. by the blog, they can sell the movies at the same time.i think this idea is good, but if i am the blogger, i will not select them because they are not look good.

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online ad 1

it is a blogger page of the forum. There have Angel Tong’s blog. In her blog, most of the post name like a post which teach ppl how to keep fit,but it was selling her company’s keep fit plan. I think it is good because most forum ppl will be drawn attention by the post’s name and click to see the post.

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w8hw ambient 3

i think that billboard use the surrounding and the shape of the billboard very good.The waterdrops-shape with the light of the top make the people know that it is represent a pore. the surrounding make the people feel that the pore is cleaning and it is the USP of this product.

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w8hw ambient 2

This billboard is interesting.It sell adhesive paper and use it to the billboard. This billboard is clearly showing the message simply and make people think that the product is really i think this billboard is great.

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w8hw ambient 1

I think this billboard is really funny. The visual of a fat man break the edge of the billboard. If I go through the billboard on the street,  i will walk faster because the fat man is just like almost fall down now.

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w8hw radio ad 3

It radio ad used a soft tone to say. I think this is not a good way for radio ad because it is really boring and cannot make the people remember it.

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